We, at CWC, are big believers in natural cleaners and an organic environment beyond the natural spring fed lake and fresh northwoods air.  Although this resort is not 100% non-toxic, we use only natural cleaning products to clean cabinsanti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal aromatherapy essential oils like peppermint; plus vinegar, baking soda, grapefruit seed extract, borax, Shaklee products and other non-toxic ingredients.   *   (I am chemically sensitive, myself --- so I get it!  ---- Kim, Owner)


* Occasionally the cleaning staff will leave behind conventional candles that other guests have provided in the cabins (if you are sensitive, simply remove or toss in garbage.) 


We provide coin-operated Maytag Neptune Washers/Dryers for guest use (Compared to conventional washers, the high efficiency TurboClean wash system in the Neptune models use 65% less energy, 40% less water, while saving time per load and getting clothes looking newer, longer.  Bring liquid soap and use only 1/4 amount per load of what you would normally use. -- In-house non-toxic laundry soap available at $.25 load.)


We wash our own bed linens and pillows in-house with non-toxic, chemical free, non-phosphate soaps (i.e. 7th Generation, Lifetree, Dr. Bronners Castile Soap, and Ecover)


We do not use chemical fabric softners; although we do use un-scented fabric sheets and soak them in aromatherapeutic cedarwood essential oil and add to linen bags for storage purposes.


We use only vinegar to steam carpets and baking soda as a carpet freshener.  We leave a bottle of natural all-purpose cleaning solution and non-toxic glass/window cleaner in each cabin for guests to use while they stay with us.


We provide 7th Generation toilet tissue (recycled paper) for guest use in each cabin. 


We provide recycle bins at each cabin and encourage guests to recycle glass, aluminum, and plastic.



We recycle office paper (and purchase post-consumer recycled paper supplies), and except for one annual holiday mailing, we save paper by e-mailing reservation confirmations and newsletters the rest of the year.


We encourage guests to recycle newspapers as campfire starters, or sauna fire starters.



The bulk of light bulbs throughout the resort have been replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs, and we've started in on LED bulbs.



New cabins have energy efficient windows, extra deep insulation, Energy Star appliances, etc.



Through our local electric company, we joined the Wellspring Wind Energy Program and are purchasing 23,520 kilowatt-hours of clean renewable energy per year to off-set our current resort electric energy usage.  (This program helps maintain and add wind turbines spinning on Buffalo Ridge, Minnesota.)



We do not spray or fertilize the grounds with chemicals.*   Our sprinkler system recycles lake water onto our lawns and we use natural corn gluten as a pre-emergent herbicide.  (Occasionally we will use a phosphate-free natural fertilizer for new grass seed patches, and existing piles of leaf mulch and sawdust as weed repellents.)  So yah, expect a few dandelions, but hey!  they're safely edible:  try the greens for salads, roast the roots as a detox tea or soak the buds for homemade wine!  Pick all you want, hehe.     *(except for poison ivy, once a year precisely controlled, in which the mixture is absorbed within 24 hours).


We are in the process of creating a user friendly CWC compost pile for guests to eliminate kitchen scraps



We encourage guests to donate unused food staples they do not wish to pack up and take home with them to our local Hubbard County Food Shelf (bring cans or items to resort lodge and drop off in box provided.)



 NEW for 2008!  In the snack bar of the lodge, we switched to 100% biodegradable cups, spoons, straws, bowls and plates.   Made from U.S. grown corn (plus paper and potato starch), they are guaranteed to break down within 100 days in any commercial composting environment.  (Eco-Products, Inc.)



New for 2009:  This year we have switched our credit card bank to Dharma Merchant Services.  Why?  They gave us competitive rates on the percentage we pay each time a guest uses a credit card here at CWC, but most importantly, they are a certified green company AND they donate a full 10% of the gross profits to a charitable foundation of our choice.*  Way cool! 

(*We chose Doctors Without Borders: an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.)


New for 2012:  We have started 'shocking' the one well supplying water to Cabins #19, #10, #9 and second tier of cabins.  (The odor from the water got as strong as we've ever experienced in 2011, despite the $5,000 water softening system we installed in the well house when it was new in 2005.)  (The lodge, and eleven other cabins are on the awesome vintage spring-fed well, we've never had issues with that one.)  Instead of using the traditional shock method of toxic chlorine bleach, we are using 35% hydrogen peroxide, a more expensive but healthier route.  We hope guests will appreciate the effort.  :)

  (All of our consumer wells get tested annually by MN Dept of Health and have always passed 100% just peachy for regulatory contaminants.  This particular well with 'rust' issues is typical for our rural area, but not hazardous for health, just annoying.)





  • The Green Scene in Walker (8 miles) is a fresh organic grocer w/ farmer's markets on Thursdays in summer. www.walkerfarmersmarket.org  (teas, juices, gluten-free breads/cereals, to go Deli, sandwiches, spreads, salads, made-to-order party platters, frozen entrees, hormone-free chicken, bacon, beef.  Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) (218) 547-2880.    

  • 3rd Street Market in Park Rapids (16 miles) makes their own gluten-free breads (they specialize in homemade lunch sandwiches and soups).  They sell lots of  health books and supplements.  (218) 732-9063. 

  • Harmony Natural Food Coop in Bemidji (35 miles) is a full service grocery and has fresh organic produce and bulk spices, herbs, teas, cereals, etc.  (218) 751-2009   

  • Several local grocery stores are now selling limited organic produce (lettuces, juices) Coburn's in Park Rapids, SuperONE in Walker.  Just FYI. 


New York Times article published November 2005 mentions our natural cleaning policies - click to read

Natural Cleanin' Corner article series written by owner Kim for a Resorter Group magazine --free recipes 





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