Yep!  We have live bait (crawlers), docks aplenty and a cement boat ramp for easy access!



11th CROW WING LAKE . . .

boats_docked_on_serene_water.JPG (25389 bytes)Is an 800 acre spring fed, crystal clear lake; official headwaters to the Crow Wing Chain of Lakes.

(Eleven lakes in all which flow into the Crow Wing River, arguably the best waterway in the state to go on a canoe trip ---the scenery is awesome, water levels are stable and you will find wild rice dropping into your canoe!----- Our Crow Wing River flows into the mighty Mississippi between Motley and Brainerd, MN.)


In theory, you could  float a canoe from our lodge all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!



trolling for walleyes.JPG (9459 bytes)

trollin', trollin', trollin', . . . walleeeeeyyyyyyeeeee . . .


'Course, for those of us weenies who need a motor on our boat (*ahem*), access to the lakes and riverways can be a bit more limited.  (Click FAQ for access information to other lakes in our chain.)



sunfish.jpg (46577 bytes)FISH IN OUR LAKE

  • Walleye 
  • Northern Pike
  • Large Mouth Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Bluegill
  • Crappie
  • Sunfish
  • Perch
  • Bullhead
  • DNR Lake Survey



 WALLEYE: The DNR stocks our lake with walleye fingerling every other year, and their testing indicates samples of walleye as far back as 16 years +.  They have mentioned to us that this lake is probably in the top 10 walleye lakes in the state for trophy size fish, although with the plentiful supply of food for them, they aren't always easy to catch.

walleye girl.jpg (222346 bytes)          pop's walleye.JPG (22874 bytes)      

  • This big 'ole walleye is still swimming around the lake as far as we know.  It was caught and released summer 2000, bless her heart!

  • Caught and released just in front of the resort within the first 10 minutes of fishing on Opener May 11, 2001, this walleye made a fun story to tell for my father who was up helping us that weekend.

  • Congrats Marilyn!  9 lb 5 oz walleye caught June 1, 2004! 

  • Happy Kris with Catch & Release trophy walleye May 21, 2005 (at right)


  • "Kim and Big JohnThanks again for another fabulous week up north at your resort.  Our entire family had an absolute blast.   Attached (at right) is a picture of Erin's big walleye.  The fish was 30 inches in length and was caught on Thursday, 5/29/2008 at 7:20 in the evening.  I may have been even more excited than Erin.  Lot of pressure having to net a fish like that!  Thanks again! --Mike"


  • The cooler gray weather of summer of 2009 was GREAT for fishing:  After 16 years of vacationing in late July with his family, Goody caught his first walleye, July 18, 2009.






Every spring, the DNR comes out to help the northern pike spawn in our lake.  We dam up the natural springs behind the house to create a rearing pond.  The DNR net a dozen or so fish stacked up at the mouth of the spring creek under our covered bridge, and gently release them into the rearing pond.  After three or four weeks, we pull the stop board and allow the rearing pool to flow into the lake, taking with it, hundreds of newly hatched pike fingerlings.  We have the only pike producing project in the county!

DNR pike spawn.jpg (18313 bytes)

April 14, 2006:  This year had two nets full to brimming with gators, hehe!  (About 30-40 per net.)  We winnowed out all but 6 males and 2 females to put into the rearing pond.


The DNR guys sure like their job (and we're happy they're the ones in that cold April water!)   This northern is too big for the pond, so she'll be let go, but there will be plenty of acceptable size fish (12 - 16") to sort through and allow to spawn in the rearing pond.

We released approx. 1,000 fingerlings from the rearing pond this year:  July 5, 2010  (Aren't they cute?  Fiesty, too . . . . it was hard to shoot a photo 'cause they wriggle and flop all over :)  )  (click on photo to zoom in for detail)

2011 - Miscommunication and high rainfall allowed half of pond to flush into lake on June 5, a few weeks earlier than normal.  Fry were approx. 1" --- we estimate thousands went into lake, along with the high water earlier that week.   Finished flushing pond out on June 23, fingerling were approx. 2.5", we estimate 500 - 3,000 fingerling went into stocking 11th Crow Wing Lake.  Very high numbers of fry/fingerling this year.)


pike girl.jpg (140756 bytes)

Helping to replenish the northern population every year is a great joy, especially when a biggun' is caught by an unsuspecting angler.  Sometimes they're hard to catch, but they're in here!  "nice fishy, fishy . . . . "



"Y-bones?  They're a snap!"  (thanks S. Rassmussen for this family photo 2005!)





big bass.jpg (42006 bytes)          fish to clean.jpg (135360 bytes)          Happy angler.jpg (32934 bytes)

  • Not bad, Denny!  The largemouth bass population is unusually excellent at 11th Crow Wing Lake

  • Mmmm, there's gonna be a fish fry tonight!

  • Big John happily playing with catch and release basso!

  •  23 1/2 bass caught within the first two hours of his weekly vacation July 18, 2009.  Good job, Jim!




bluegill string.jpg (84898 bytes)          crappie at sunset.JPG (12079 bytes)        

  • The panfish are small but plentiful, and make a good food supply for the bigger predator fish in the lake.  Take a tip from Joe, they also taste pretty darn good at a family meal.  It's as fresh as you can get, straight from spring fed, clean waters!

  • a crappie at sunset around the point (fall 2001, KMB)

  • You catch 'em, you clean 'em!  Tip #51 for keepin' the wifey happy. (Thanks Larew family for this CWC photo winner 2005!)



  • Dock fishing provides ENDLESS action for kids and adults alike.  Serious fishing can start early in life.  (Thanks Kleve and Speidell families for these photos!)
  • Rent our pontoon and have fishin' fun with all ages in your group! (Like this Iowa family did - 2002 CWC photo contest winner, thanks Beierschmitt clan!)




John's crappies.jpg (235685 bytes)

  • There's Big John on a good crappie day (there are crappie in 11th Crow Wing, but this particular stringer was not caught here)Tell the big guy what you're wanting and he might be able to hand you a map and suggest a trip for you.  Remember, there are 90 lakes within a 10 mile radius.  

If you'd like professional fishing help . . . . . . . .



The following experienced local guides can help you gain some fishin' tales.  Let 'em know what kind of fish you'd like to try for and they will pick the lake with the best chances of letting you have some fun.  Boat, gas, life jacket, tackle and bait provided.  You bring snacks, camera and your MN fishing license.  (Pricing may vary.)

  • Harv Lueck    $180 1-3 persons Half-Day Trip        (218) 224-2817

                                high school biology teacher, specializes in many

                                         surrounding lakes including Leech

  • Gary Trimble  $225 1-3 persons Half-Day Trip        (218) 547-2688

                                  retired Phys Ed teacher/football coach -specializes in

                                                   Leech Lake fishing education

  • Jack Shriver  $250 1-3 persons Half-Day Trip      (218) 547-2250


                        Owns a bait shop in Walker and specializes in trophy  

                              muskie, walleye and pan fish on Leech Lake

  • Reggie Thiel     $350 2 persons Half-Day trip          (218) 760-3388

                                 specializes in walleye on Leech Lake and Cass


  • Dan Craven  $200 1-3 persons Half-Day Trip       (218) 547-2869


                        Small lake fisherman including 11th Crow Wing Lake and chain (fishing educator).  Will fish Leech Lake specializing in walleye, northern, bass (and he knows some good crappie lakes).




FARMER'S ALMANAC Fishing Predictions

The following dates are best fishing conditions predicted by Moon Signs and Farmer's Almanac for this year

'Best Fishing Dates' Almanac website


fishin' tips on Old Farmer's Almanac website


sun chasing morning mist.JPG (16612 bytes)

There's nothing quite like fishing in the "Northwoods"!



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