2021 CWC Newsletter

Greetings from Big John & Kim

As I type this, it was -37 below zero early this morning. I feel most appreciative to have a warm house in which to sleep, plenty to eat, and a companion with whom to share it. “Brr! It’s so cold, we can’t even create a heated argument.” (In truth, if we only bicker once a day, we call it golden.)

Winter rules its icy reign at present, but crowns of morels and scepters of lady slippers will preside over resort grounds soon. Spring is only a month or so away. Let us look forward to birch scented hikes and sticky s’more evenings, crackling campfires and swaths of stars, chipmunk chitters and wailing loon laments, splashing giggles and beach-warmed sand sifting hypnotically through naked stretching toes.

We were grateful to have received such positive feedback on new Cabin #4 last summer, now the most requested cabin on the waiting list. We decided not to do a big project this winter, but accomplished more manageable tasks which hopefully you may enjoy this upcoming 2021 season:

  • Cabin #18 got a whole new roof this last fall. We also gutted the kitchen, replacing cupboards, countertop, vinyl and carpeting in kitchen/dining and living areas. Fresh pictures have been uploaded onto the website if you’re curious to see how it turned out.
  • All boat motors were overhauled professionally this fall (replacing spark plugs, new gaskets, cable lines, prop realignment, etc.) This included inspection of the brand-new motor on the Newer Pontoon to validate the warranty. We almost pulled the trigger on purchasing a new fishing boat/motor package but will want to cull more feedback from guests before going ahead as a possibility in future.
  • New Lounging Platform: this was a fun project we started focusing energy on last summer when attempting to shift gears from Covid stressors to a more creative endeavor. In repurposing an old swim raft purchased cheaply from a neighbor, we’ve been able to infuse new life into it for communal enjoyment. Featuring a new deck and pergola, you will be able to try out a lake-level hammock, fold-up bench/step into the water, two swings and a connecting rope bridge. We plan to stabilize the platform and connect it (via the “Indiana Jones” style rope bridge) to the existing paddleboat dock on the beach. It’ll be “blinged” up a bit with solar powered twinkle lights. I imagine it may be a colorful homing beacon in twilight hours, guiding those serious fisherfolk back to shore.
  • Numerous other projects have been planned or are in process, from big things (replacing the commercial-sized water softening system at the wellhouse near Cabin #19) to small (creating new wall-attached pine bedside tables.) The list of things to replace, repair or redo is endless, so we just keep whittling away as time, energy and budget allow. As always, we welcome suggestions.

2021 confirmations have been e-mailed out. If you think you are on the books and have not received a confirmation, PLEASE CONTACT US. Of all the e-mail confirmations sent out last month, almost 80% of them bounced back with an ‘undeliverable’ or ‘message blocked.’ So, again – did you receive your confirmation? If you did not, either search your spam files for an e-mail sent from us, then white-list relax@crowwing.com, or contact us and we’ll attempt to resend. WHITE-LIST: this just means you are adding our e-mail to your e-mail address book. For my system, I can simply right-click on the sender and then select whether I wish to always block or never block a message from a specific sender. Perhaps you can do this, too? At CWC, we only e-mail important confirmation and pre-arrival updates. We do not send junk. Your spam filters get updated frequently, so by adding relax@crowwing.com into your e-mail account address book, you can be sure to receive any important CWC reservation updates properly.

Boat rental reservation – double check your e-mailed confirmation. Boats/motors aren’t automatically re-booked at check-out the previous year, you need to request it. Again, glance through your confirmation and make sure any boat reservation you’d prefer is secured for you, and if the dates look correct or not.

2% discount. Started last year, recurring this year, we are offering a 2% discount for anyone who would like to pay off their remaining cabin total due by MARCH 15th via check (personal or cashiers.) A couple dozen guests took advantage of this special last year – savings ranged from $10 - $110. We invite you to save even $10 – at the very least, you can use the savings to enjoy a pizza at the lodge instead? (Zip us an e-mail or text me if interested. This special is calculated on your remaining cabin total due at this time.)

CWC Treasure Hunt: Meant to start last year, this idea got derailed by Covid stress. We will be ready this season! A riddle or clue will be posted each day at noon in the lodge (Sunday-Wednesday, four clues total.) Your hunt will be for an object (likely a miniature metal crow figurine or a medallion of some kind.) It may be tucked into a tree knot, taped under a swing or hidden in/on/beneath/above an everyday object which stays in roughly the same place. You will not need tools to extract it. Hunt is meant to be challenging, with vague clues at beginning of week. First person each week to find it, wins $10 in one-dollar bills or quarters, your choice. (Don’t worry, two-week guests will not have the advantage, as we’ll be assigning different hiding spots each week. And yes, communal areas only.)

Isolation Cabins & Other Specials: We are planning for another Covid season (albeit hoping for the best – another reason to make sure we can connect with you via e-mail for the latest updates prior to your arrival.) View our full StaySafe Initiative on the website. Offering several May and June specials, drive up in your self-contained vehicle from your self-contained house to a self-contained cabin and relieve yourself from staring at the same four walls. We’d be glad to help you enjoy an expanded outdoor living room of forest, bike trails, beach and lake blessings. Even a quick get-away can do wonders for increasing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  • May Isolation Cabins: $25 extra will assure no other guest will have been in your cabin 48 hours prior to your arrival. (Extra precaution of ozone machine zap upon request. We are already disinfecting with non-toxic EPA approved-for-Covid options. See blog posts on website for more details.)
  • May (Rent any cabin two nights, get 3rd night FREE)
  • Private Individual or Couples Special (May & after Labor Day): most cabins $129/night, $650 week (Cabins #9, #10 & #19: $149 & $199/night)
  • June 1 – 17: 2 for 2 Deal (pay for two nights on summer rates, get two more FREE)
  • June 19 – 25: 10% OFF week (treasure hunt, painting classes, kids crafts and other weekly activities start)

Can't wait to see you. We wish you wellness and warmth. May your water lines stay intact and your heaters work soundly. Take very good care, and just know the lake'll be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

P.S. UPDATES – if we mis-spelled your name, had a change in family members at this address, or if you no longer wish to receive this annual newsletter, contact us to help clean up our database.

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