Availability Calendar


Two-bedroom Playhouse Cabin #14 for June 18-24.

Three-bedroom A-Frame Cabin #3 for June 18-24

[Each cabin also now has its own monthly calendar for that specific cabin.  Go to the cabin page, scroll down to monthly calendar.  Click arrows on either side of the “Month 2022.” You can even click through to the following year - dates will show blocked if more than a year in advance.]


You can get an overview of six months at a time BELOW by clicking on the “Availability” icon below the green “SEARCH” bar. The six-month overview will also show by default if you

  • start a search during closed-for-season months,
  • if your typed dates do not meet the minimum stay requirement,
  • or if everything is booked.

The overview will help guide to different date parameters. Again, as view-only, you can click on any particular date in the six-month display to see what may be available on any particular day. (Advance forward or backward with arrows above calendar months.)

To actually book online, or for more details on any weeks or dates - you will have to type the exact dates under the purple bar, then click the green “SEARCH” bar in order for available cabins/campsites to populate.

You can put yourself in line on the new Waiting List for a particular cabin or week. Submit a request here.

(If you have never visited the resort, we highly recommend you direct e-mail or call and chat with Kim beforehand to get a better idea of which weeks are full of consistent repeat guests.  We re-book cabins for the following year, as soon as same dates pass this year.)