Fun, friendly and laid-back atmosphere . . .

We had the most fun canoeing at dusk; sauna, spectacular view of the lake from the lodge, high-stakes BINGO!  Fun, friendly and laid-back atmosphere, thanks for lend of puzzle board!  The drum circle was a moving experience.  Everything about CWC Lodge was great.

------ the Zurek family Cabin #10, 1st time guests, July 3, 2014


It's so very clean and tidy.  So much for everyone to do.  We left big gallon jars for sun tea, hope you can use 'em.  Thanks for an awesome vacation!  You ROCK!   ---gramma Panda, grampa Dennis, Mike & Tracey, Max, Livee   June 2014


These are a few of our favorite things (as Julie Andrews would sing) about CWC: The A-Frame, Kim & John, the lake, the loons, the kayaks, fishing, the campfire, the thunderstorm . . . . Everthing is fun - we are not at home - that is all that matters.  🙂   ----- Novotny girls, June 2014


Hi, Kim & John.... The Ehlert gang unequivocally had a wonderful time over Labor Day!  Thanks so much for everything you do to make a fun time for your guests.  My grandson said "My very favorite vacation was the Disney cruise, and this one is 2nd"...  high praise for a kid who's been to Cragun's every past Labor Day, Florida, Arizona and Wisconsin Dells.   So the consensus is:  "let's do this again next year"!   If we didn't wear out your patience, and Cabin #7 is still available, we are in, what amount of deposit do you need?   {Cabin was available, they've been back every year since.}    --- Mickie, 9/10/14

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