Natural Cleaning RECIPES

natural cleaning products used at CWC

Guests ask all the time about the natural cleaning solutions we leave in cabins for them to use while they vacation a week or two here at Crow Wing Crest Lodge.

Here is an excerpt from a Welcome sheet you'll find upon arrival in any given cabin talking about what a House Keeping Cabin means:

"Thank you so much for helping to maintain your “home-away-from home”!   Barb, Deb, Keli, Tena, Marlys, Ryan, Em, Garnet, Roseanne, Rose, Judy, Heather, and Kim, the CWC cleaning staff, extend a heartfelt “BLESS YOU!” for any assistance you can give to help clean up your cabin.

All cabins have vacuums, brooms, all-purpose Peppermint cleaner and non-toxic Glass/Carpet spot cleaner for your use during your stay with us. Ask for more garbage bags or vacuum bags if you need them.

NOTE: the liquid peppermint cleaners are all-natural and if you like ‘em, we sell some in the lodge. Plus you don’t have to worry if your kid gets into it and gulps it down accidentally. (Well, okay . . . they might have the runs for a few minutes, but hey! You don’t hafta call the poison control center, or pump their stomachs, or make ‘em upchuck or anything. No big deal. They might smell like a candy cane and whine on the toilet for a few minutes, but in the time you can roast a marshmallow, they should be “good to go” and have learned their lesson. 🙂   "

Here are some recipes we use here at resort you can make at home:


Coming Soon: Glass Stove Top Scrub, Natural Oven/Grill Cleaner, (click here for bulk essential oils sources we use)