Aromatherapy & “Pendulled Potions by Kim”

aromatherapy clip artGuests ask all the time from where I get my essential oils.


Lots of places!




Essential oil sources I use commonly for both personal and Aromatherapy Class:

  • New Directions Aromatics - bulk oils (by the gallon or quart, plus other raw materials) I use for cleaning products and sauna spritz'.
  • Imani Oils- organic french oils from a local distributer friend of mine, Brian Skinness, in Nevis, MN
  • Frontier Coop:   They carry the Aura Cacia line of essential oils.   I commonly order 1/3 oz size for re-sale in the lodge because it's easy to tack it onto larger order of 7th generation toilet tissue cases and other resort cleaning products from this Iowa company.   Their customer service is fabulous and you can order direct from them as a non-wholesale customer.
  • Young Living Oils  - This company has consistently top-quality educational materials about essential oils.  I personally dislike the multi-level marketing and the hard sales pushing, but their lavender oils are hard to beat anywhere else.   I also appreciate their consistently high-quality frankincense oil (the pricing matches, but you get what you pay for!)  We started using the Thieves multipurpose cleaning solution to clean cabins a few years back: not only does it actually disinfect, it boosts the immune system of our cleaning staff!
  • DoTerra is getting more and more popular and I have enjoyed their concentrated oils from guests from whom I've purchased a few samples the last couple of years.
  • Darlene & Earl, a couple who are regular vendors at farmer's markets on the Big Island of Hawaii (where we annually visit), create their own unique essential oils and blends on their farm:  (I've carried several of their sprays and lotions and essences in the lodge over the years.   They have unique oils you won't find anywhere else.)


Progesterone Cream --- Found a new source, endorsed by Dr. John Lee and now his family.  Progesterall    (2 oz.  approx. $21 - you can order direct from them)


If you have purchased potions, candles, oils, etc. from the lodge over the years and want to re-order, just e-mail me directly and I'll try to hook you up or let you know if I'll be carrying that product again soon.  :   -- Kim, CWC   (click "Contact Us" below)

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