Frequently Asked Questions


Can we bring our ATVs or 4-Wheelers? Yes, but we have some strict resort ATV policies.    Please review before making your reservation.

ABOUT WIFI/cell phone coverage


With new repeaters throughout the grounds in 2014/2015, all cabins now receive signal. (Cabins #9 and #10, as furthest away from any box, sometimes have a little more intermitant coverage INSIDE the cabin. No problem on screened porch or decks.) Signal strength depends on humidity, density of foliage, the age and power of your computer, and how many OTHER users are currently using same signal. If you have trouble, always feel free to hang out in the lodge where there are electrical outlets, tables to spread out on, a guaranteed strong signal and ducks to watch while you chew thoughtfully on your pencil composing an e-mail.


Most will work (esp. At&T) with great reception here. Verizon seems to be the only one with inconsistent bars - we've been told it's because the company rents satellite dishes and that we are located on the cusp of two ranges. Regardless, many Verizon customers still use their phones - just use 'em on the end of a dock. Or they will stand still while chatting in one spot. (If you'd like to make a quick local call, you may use the landline phone in the lodge.) TIP from a guest who works at a Radio Shack: to try for better Verizon coverage, dial *288 from your cell phone, then choose menu option #2, "configure", "roaming". This should reassess which satellite towers are closest and possibly gain you better coverage while visiting here.


Cement boat ramp next to lodge - we will happily help you launch with our front- hitched John Deere Tractor (lots of parking for boat trailers around resort)

Does a dock space come with my cabin rental? Guests receive one complimentary dock space PER CABIN for their own boat. Each additional dock space thereafter is $10 day, $50 week.

If you are bringing your own boat, please glance at this PDF

Does a boat come with my cabin? Guests may borrow any 14' aluminum row boat during their stay for free. (Play boats are also free- see "amenities" page.) If you bring your own motor and need a boat to put it on, we would be happy to lend you a 14' rowboat to use for the week. As this situation would entail you using a dock space for the week, this would count as your one complimentary dock space per cabin. If your group brings a motor AND another boat/motor, you will need to pay for the extra dock space. ($10 day, $50 week)

We also have boat/motor packages you may rent while you're here, including:  THREE pontoon boats, two Bass Tracker fishing boats, and smaller 6 hsp and 9.9 hsp motor packages (see boat & motor rentals).

NOTE: None of our motors are powerful enough to tow a tube or water skier. They are for fishing only. If you would like to rent a boat for recreation, try contacting these locals:

Remember we do not allow jet skis or wake boats.

Should I reserve a boat/motor for the week or by the day? Any weekly boat/motor reservation takes precedence over daily bookings (weekly rentals typically include last couple of days free.)  If you want one of our boat/motors guaranteed for your week, you might want to add an extra $50 onto your cabin reservation deposit to guarantee your choice and reserve it. If your group is thinking they want a boat for just a day or two during your stay, you will need to wait upon arrival to reserve it.  You will want to view a weather forecast anyway, right?   You can view what is available during your week on the Availability Calender (scroll to bottom.)

Do you sell fishing licenses? No, we don't. But if you drive a mile back into the town of Akeley, both gas stations sell them. (OR, you can click here to buy your fishing license on-line at the Minnesota DNR website.)

Do you have electric hook-ups on any docks? We have 12 docks, of which four have electric hook-ups (two are near the lodge, the other two by the grassy meadow). There are no assigned dock spaces, so it's first come, first serve to find a dock space that works for you. (Both T-docks tend to be better for deeper hulled boats, just FYI.)

Is the lake big enough for water-skiing? Heck yes. Many of our guests bring their water skis, tubes and knee boards. We ask that recreation boats circle the middle of the lake as fisherpersons generally use the shoreline areas. It's a peaceful lake, generally with only 1 - 4 boats of any kind on the water at any given time. (No jet skis are allowed at the resort.)

Culvert on Highway 64

Can I access the whole lake? It depends on your boat. Please note that our 800 acre lake has a culvert near the middle which all resort boats (except the pontoons) including the 18' bass tracker fishing boats can navigate through. If you have a windshield on your boat, you may have difficulty - although you can always trailer-up, and go to the public boat ramp on the other side of the culvert.

Can I get to the other Crow Wing Lakes from 11th Crow Wing? No. The chain of lakes are connected, true, but there are small dams between a couple of the lakes and some of the connections are floatable by canoe, but not recommended for motored boats. There is a public boat access on almost all the lakes including our lake, the largest in the chain (at Akeley City Campgrounds & Park - SW basin of lake).


Do you provide bedding and towels? Bed linens, sheets, blankets and pillows are provided. You will need to bring bath towels and soap AND dish towels and soap if you plans to use any kitchen utensils and appliances.   Click here for a suggested vacation packing list.

Do you have grills? Yes, there is one charcoal grill at every cabin and both campsites (two grills at Reunion Cabin #7).

Are there TVs in the cabins?   Nope.   C'mon, you're in the "northwoods", get out and enjoy it!!!   Exception: Cabin #19 and the LODGE both have TV/VCRs for playing videotapes in case it's a rainy day. As we receive no channel reception, the TVs are just for movies (and video games if you bring 'em.) We have 200 family films to borrow for free at the lodge. We also rent out two other 13' TV/VCR units for $5 a day, or $25 a week with which to watch movies.

Can we rent a cabin for less than a week? From mid-June to mid-August, we require a five night minimum stay (weekly rate). The last two weeks in August we'll take a 3 night minimum reservation. In the off-season, you may rent any cabin for a two night minimum.

Do you count babies as people in the cabin rate fees? Babies & children of all ages count within the "number of people" base rate. If they're human, they count! All of us generate usage of resources: i.e. diaper disposal costs, cooking/heating usage for formula or food, extra electricity by being inside cabin more for napping and protection from elements, crib and highchair usage provided by us at no extra cost, etc. etc. etc. Try to choose a cabin with the "# of people rate" that best fits the number of your family or group.

Are you open all year round? No. Our season is mid-May through early October of every year.  (Exception:  Cabins #9, #10 and #19 are now rented through December 1.)

What time is check-in? On eleven Saturdays from mid-June to Labor Day, check-in is AFTER 3:00 p.m. (gate is closed until then, so plan your travel time accordingly). Check-out the following Friday BEFORE 3:00 p.m. On any other day and during off-season, check-in is any time after 12 noon, and check-out is any time before 12 noon.

How far is the lake from each cabin? All cabins have a view of the lake.  There is a photo on each cabin description page of the lake from its own deck.  Check out our Virtual Tour of resort for visual aid.

10_view{c55c8048ce70815a53cedbe8c58af6e7018bd1f9249d13e1ed06da752e55b489}20towards{c55c8048ce70815a53cedbe8c58af6e7018bd1f9249d13e1ed06da752e55b489}20lake[1]The back row of cabins (#6, #7, #13, #8, #9, #10) are slightly elevated from the front row (about 30 feet above lake level) which, incidently, makes for a better view of the lake than it would if all cabins were at the same level) and are no more than a half block from the water. It is a gradual sloping walk from any back cabin to the beach, lodge or play areas. (Although the front row and 2nd tier have better views of the lake, the back row of cabins are priced accordingly and are generally a better value in terms of rental rate.)  Also, the back row of cabins all have private campfire rings.  (Photo at left taken off #10's deck, view between #18 and #11 to lake w/ zoom)

17_view_off_deck[1]The 2nd tier of cabins (#16, #17, #11, #18. #12) are approx. 15 feet higher in elevation than the lake with very gradual easy slopes to get to them (these cabins all have fantastic views - better than the front row as one can see further when slightly elevated - see photo at right of view off Cabin #17).

grounds[1]The front row of lake level cabins (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #14) are approx. 150 feet from the water. Between the front row of cabins and the lake are grassy park-like areas and communal play grounds (i.e. volleyball sand court, basketball court, horseshoe pit, swings, mini-gazebo, mine-carousel, log swings, shuffleboard court, etc.) We appreciate that this layout allows ALL GUESTS to be close to the lake and to have unrestricted views (as opposed to a resort with side-by-side cabins hugging the shoreline blocking the view and dock access from others.)


Can I bring my dog if he's well-behaved and quiet? Sorry, no pets, no exceptions. There are several local dog kennels listed below to contact if you absolutely cannot find a neighbor or friend to pet-sit for you.***

  • ***Walker Animal Hospital Inc (218) 547-3222
  • ***Pampered Pets (218) 564-5912 in Menahga (Marnie)
  • ***Glory Be Kennels (Ruth Dienst) (218) 732-4620
  • ***Angie's Groom 'N Board (218) 732-9862
  • ***Dog's Paw (218) 237-SPAW website link
  • ***Mari's All Breed Pet Grooming/Doggy Daycare/In-Home Boarding (218) 547-1290 Walker
  • ***Snuggle 'n Snooze Inn (218) 732-PETS (SE Dorset Corner)

We love our pets and feel like they're family, but sometimes it's nice to have a brief vacation from pet responsibilities, too. We do not allow pets for various reasons, mainly because of insurance liability. Plus, with 19 cabins and four campsites, can you imagine the chaos of 23 different dogs here? Yikes! We try hard to provide a safe space for our guests. Dogs have proven to be a high risk liability according to our insurance provider. If a toddler grabs an unsuspecting puppy's tail, the critter has a tendency to bite in self defense. Even the sweet ones. Wouldn't you? Other issues involve barking (we try to advertise a peaceful vacation), stepping in "doo-doo" (icky-poo!) and, of course, cabin cleaning. Many folks suffer from animal allergies (i.e. cats, dogs, birds, etc.) and we simply do not have the time to steam clean cabin carpets and upholstery on Saturdays in summer. We believe it would not be fair for the next guest to have to suffer allergic reactions from a previous guest who brought their pet.

On the plus side, not having pets running around stalking the local wildlife, we can pretty much guarantee wild critter encounters. We have a thriving chipmunk population (*sigh*, bring peanuts, they'll eat out of your hands), several wild baby duck broods visit our duck dock in front of the lodge every day in summer and guests report numerous other encounters each week (skunks, raccoon, fox, deer, heron, loons, humming birds, muskrat, bats, frogs, turtles, etc.)  You will definitely experience a northwoods environment here, hehe.

Why can't I bring fireworks or my jet-ski? Because of noise and liability. Again, as we strive to offer a peaceful vacation for many, both of these activities involve above-average sound decibels. Both activities also have major safety concerns.

  • On July 4th, most of our guests attend day long holiday festivities in Walker or Park Rapids. Prior to the spectacular township fireworks shows, you can have fun with your own fireworks while waiting in their public parks if desired.
  • If someone in your group really likes to jet-ski, there are jet-ski rental companies in Walker, 8 miles away. You can put in at the Leech Lake public wharf and have fun zipping across this great expanse of water. Just don't bring the jet-skis onto our resort grounds, please.
    • Walker Power Equipment (218) 547-1558 (1 1/4 miles N of Walker on 371 - 8 miles from our resort)
    • Walker Rental (218) 547-3656
    • Crystal Piers (218) 547-2800
    • Walker Rental & Sales (218) 547-3656
    • Thompson Rent-All (218) 547-1252
    • MarineMax (888) 273-2722
    • Resort Marine & Service (218) 547-3566

Fun Bug

- for some reason, we get a lot of people asking us from where we got our Fun Bug (must show up in website search engines well?)   Anyway, we bought ours from a fellow resorter, but they got it originally from a dealer in MSP, 612-669-0093, Bill & Jeanne Gates. No website/email info.