What To Pack



  • 2_kitchen 2007bath towels & body soap (most cabins have hair dryers)
  • kitchen towels and scouring pads (dish soap, scrubbie and pot holders provided)
  • paper towels, freezer bags, tin foil, cooking spray, trash bags (salt & pepper provided)
  • FOOD (don't worry if you forget anything, we're located 8 miles from a grocery store with full bakery and deli - plus we sell gourmet pizza and snacks in the lodge. )
  • flashlights and extra batteries -- it's dark up north!
  • bug repellent
  • sun screen (reflections off the lake catch many unaware - you don't wanna be burned on vacation!)
  • if you want to save on packing space in your car, rent one of our TV/VCR combos for $5 day, $25 week. There is a complimentary 100 family videotape library at lodge. (No t.v. channel reception, use for movies and games only)
  • laptop computer (for checking e-mails if you must while on vacation - FREE wireless internet provided)
  • Check the weather forecast for clothing choices



Beach{c55c8048ce70815a53cedbe8c58af6e7018bd1f9249d13e1ed06da752e55b489}20-June19,2008_snap_snotWEB[1]Extra tips from currents guests on what else to bring:

  • charcoal & lighter fluid
  • matches, marshmallow sticks, pie irons and stuff for s'mores and campfire snacks
  • cooler for beverages on the ride up (and for fish fillets on the way home?)
  • swimsuits, snorkels, floating toys, beach chairs, LIFE JACKETS
  • rolls of quarters (arcade games, pool, jukebox, carousel, Maytag coin-op washers/dryers)
  • liquid detergent for laundry washing at the lodge
  • camera (extra batteries)
  • binoculars (there are tons of critters you'll want to watch)
  • peanuts or seeds to feed the chipmunks out of your hands
  • bicycles or roller blades (the paved trail is a mile away!)