2016 Newsletter

OLE & LENA JOKE of the day: Ole wore both of his winter jackets when he painted his house last July. The directions on the can said "put on two coats."

2016 is off and running for us at the resort up north. We hope this note finds you healthy and happy wherever you are. 🙂 As for resort news . . .

NEW WEBSITE launched January 13. Finally! Believe it. I am still constantly tweaking the darn thing and appreciate feedback on non-working links or weird alignment issues or just suggestions on anything. It is 100% mobile responsive (tilt your handheld device to landscape to view some of those rate tables). I am still grabbing my Kindle Fire every once in a while to play around with the Virtual Tour (you gotta check that tool out! Got the winter blues? Pick one of the 35 spots around resort to view on Virtual Tour, click on that 'gyro' button, hold your tablet/phone out and turn around in a slow circle. It's like you're right here at CWC. Summer is on it's way, we promise.)

Additional items on website you may find of interest:

  • new aerial video clip on main home page really shows beach and shoreline area
  • new blog - yes, I'm blogging. Blathering. Whatever. (I can blah, blah, blah with the best of 'em, dern-it-all!) In reality, we'll see how long I last at that . . . (already uploaded: photos of the albino chipmunk from last summer - too cool! and videos of flying squirrels and wild turkey games with which Ryan had some fun)
  • seven natural cleaning recipes to pin onto your Pinterest board
  • copy of article I recently wrote on the history of Minnesota resort industry for a state magazine
  • new video gallery and link to our very tiny YouTube channel -- am anxiously awaiting to include that upcoming PBS special - a two hour documentary on Minnesota resorts. Thanks much, those of you guests last summer who graciously welcomed the film crew to visit and interview some of us! We felt honored they chose us as one of eleven resorts to highlight. Believe me, I'll keep us all updated via Blog post and Facebook when they finish (estimated late spring 2016).
  • Coming Soon: a new resort layout (Ryan and I finished the design. Now I just have to upload and link it up.)
  • In the works: editing down guest testimonials into a 60 second clip (thanks to those who agreed to be on camera last summer, you rock!)
  • Guest input: I would very much welcome any video snippets you've taken at resort (or I may include 'em into 60 second clip). I also need to start nagging a couple of you to write down a few lines about your CWC ghost stories. *hint* *hint* And, I'm continuing to collect photo entries for this year's CWC photo contest! Anytime, peeps . . . . . 🙂

ladies group retreatAs I finish writing this newsletter, it's snowing (AND raining? - weird weather) and new Cabin #22 (for Emily & Ryan) has arrived (I hear a big truck beeping). Brother Kris is out in the shop prepping to hook up plumbing and the electrician should be out tomorrow. (Big John's daughter, Emily, seems most anxious to move into a more permanent dwelling. Moving back and forth each spring and fall the last three years from seasonal trailer to winterized Cabin #19 was getting old, I suspect.) What this means for guests? It has freed up Cabin #19 to be rented in October/November next year. We've been extending the season in winterized Cabins #9 and #10 the last couple of years through Thanksgiving with good results (rest of cabins shut down around October 7). In fact, all three cabins are already booked for deer hunting this year (1st weekend in November). Just in case you are considering a retreat or get-away, it's possible we may have a cabin available for you to get the heck away from the city in a cabin by the lake (with a jacuzzi tub and fireplace, to boot!) later in season than we used to have open.

tent clip art scary eyesCampsites: speaking of that area behind back row of cabins where we had the two seasonal campsites (which are now gone as we needed the space to access the building site for new Cabin #22, a.k.a. Emily & Ryan's house): We had planned on somehow fitting in two more temporary campsites somewhere near/on that area for a total of four (as we still have the lower and upper campsites - no change on those) once the new cabin was finished. However, monkeys have been thrown into the works. (Freakin' monkeys.) Due to new state shoreland ordinances, any time new construction happens on a property type like ours, a septic inspection is triggered (not necessarily a bad thing. Particularly near a lake. We get it.) Out of three existing septic systems, two passed. One didn't. The big one. The one installed back in the mid-90's that met code at the time and hasn't given us any grief. But . . . . .*sigh*. We have a year to deal with installing a new system. A bigger one. Crap. (No pun intended.) Budgeting for a project that'll likely be at least $50,000-$60,000 was a shock, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Hence, we may rent out a few nights here and there to tenters in that area this summer, but creating a couple more permanent sites will have to wait until the new septic system is designed and installed - Sept/Oct. It'll likely take up huge amounts of square footage back there, so we'll need to re-assess and ponder for while about where/if we'll want two more official campsites.

On a more positive note, Cabin #14 got a new covered deck this fall (pics on facebook page). Materials are on hand for covering the deck on Cabin #16 this spring. (And I know exactly which repeat guests will jumping up and down in glee over this development. You're welcome.)

Emily will be finished with massage school by May, hence she'll be the new on-site massage therapist next season, woo hoo!

bumper sticker contest at crow wing crest lodgeWe are extending the deadline for entries into the CWC bumper sticker contest until February 15 as I wanted to send a reminder in this annual newsletter to all. E-mail me your photo of a vehicle with the CWC sticker on it posed clearly in a far away (from CWC) place. The bumper sticker furthest from your summer vacation at the resort last year wins a free pontoon rental for the day ($100 value) on your next stay.

As always, there are lots of cabin juggles as we send out this coming season’s confirmations and peeps are reminded to view their schedules. IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOURS VIA E-MAIL (or with this newsletter) IT MEANS WE DO NOT HAVE YOU ON THE BOOKS (or that we inputted your e-mail address incorrectly into the new reservation software.) Feel free to check the Cabin Availability page (updated in real time as we take each booking) on the website if you are interested in upgrading or changing weeks or encouraging more friends and family to join you. We’d be delighted to meet new kinfolk. Or, if we haven’t seen you in awhile, c’mon on up and join the fun!

Can't wait to see you. Take good care, and just know the lake'll be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

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