2018 Newsletter

Hello from Kim & Big John!  January 2018

We are all well & snug in our houses up north by the frozen (11th Crow Wing) lake. During these colder months, we hope this note both gives you something to look forward to (it’ll be summer soon!) and brings to mind fond memories of CWC campfires, sticky marshmallow fingers, silly games, loon wails, chipmunk cheeks, that dang fish that got away, singalong shenanigans, and peaceful lazy beach afternoons up north . . .

I am feeling my age these days, especially when texting to some of my younger staff or grandkids this last year. I had to look up what “YOLO” means the other day (“you only live once” to those of you also feeling un-hip, un-savvy, and un-cool like me.) I ran across a website recently listing some real text conversations between parents and their kids and felt vindicated that I wasn’t the only one suffering from a bit of a generational gap. Thought I’d share a few of ‘em throughout this newsletter to see if you find ‘em as amusing.

Back to resort news, we all took it a little easier this last fall with projects (trying to pay down that debt of new septic system, yikes!) but managed to get a few projects done (including a little shop extension to cover pontoon boats in the winter, and an expensive {$5,000} overhaul of main electrical supply lines next to the shop. These old resorts have an infinite number of updates that continually need updating – but as my father always says ‘how does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time . . .”)

Other resort updates for 2018:

  • We have plans to put new flooring vinyl and recover some seats in the newer pontoon (the bass trackers will likely get some new flooring, too).
  • We are glad those new queen beds were a hit last summer in cabins #15, #17 and #11, and we’ll be adding three more new ones this spring in cabins #18, #16 some other yet to be determined cabin.
  • Wooded campsite will have electric for this upcoming season (likely a simple 20 amp)
  • Lower campsite will be upgraded from 20-amp electric to 50/30/20 amp
    Emily is working on painting some new cabin signs and another couple of surprise projects
  • I have been busy making salves, potions, and sewing projects (including some decorative cabin pillows made outta old resort tees and sweatshirts. If you have old stained or ripped CWC shirts w/ the logo portion still intact, don’t throw ‘em away, bring ‘em back next time you’re up here. If you bring me 3+, I’ll whip up something for ya to keep in return. 😊) It’s been good to be back in the creative zone and I keep making inroads in my basement to get that new writing cave finished, although I am easily distracted with waiting projects, dangit. Big John’s favorite comment lately is to tell me to stop chasing chickens (he gave me shirt once that said “I don’t have A.D.D. I just . . . hey look! a chicken!” It’s that idea in which he is referring, the stinker.) If you haven’t noticed it yet, there’s a 3-minute read on the resort website BLOG page about a flying squirrel landing on my head in the middle of the night. I have a few more tales rattling around in the noggin that need expressed (things I’ve learned working with family, ticks in the toilet paper (not!), bat & skunk narratives, Terry Heller’isms, etc.)
  • As always, there are a ton of spring projects we’d like to get to: stump grinding, replacing boards on one last dock, carousel welding fix, and some cabin carpet replacement and re-painting. The list never ends.

There have been several cabin juggles this last month (remember to refresh your requests for the waiting list when re-booking– our new reservation software only keeps ‘em a year.) The cabin/campsite Availability Calendar on the website is updated in real time (you can see weekly boat rentals, too! Just scroll down under cabins to view.) We’d be delighted to meet new kinfolk. Or, if we haven’t seen you in awhile, c’mon on up and join the fun.

Can't wait to see you. Take good care, and just know the lake'll be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

P.S. 2018 confirmations have been sent! If you didn't get one last month, CONTACT US as it means we either have a bad e-mail address for you or we don't have you on the books.)

P.P.S. Just had to end with some Minnesota-speak translations, doncha-know. C u soon . .  . (said hipster gramma)

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