2019 Newsletter

It’ll be summer before ya know it. Really! We hope this note reminds you of fond ‘up north’ memories and creates an impetus to make more. Perhaps you’ll recall star gazing across the lake? Hot dogs over a campfire? Giggles over chipmunk begging? The scent of pine freshened air hiking with your niece, or maybe teasing dad over a fishing lure lost? How about barbeque meals on your cabin deck - or lethargically lounging on the beach listening to the shrieks of teenagers toppling off the swim raft? We look forward to witnessing snippets of your family and friends’ fun this year, or whenever you can make it back up to the lake.

stars over 11th Crow Wing Lake at Crow Wing Crest Lodge pic by Jake Louwsma

Stars Over 11th Crow Wing Lake @ CWC - thanks Jake Louwsma for sharing this 2019 CWC photo contest winner!

As we move into our 19th season at the resort, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for being part of our CWC community. We’ve appreciated holiday cards, news and photographs of your family, the wedding and graduation invitations, the baby announcements and just a sense of belonging to a larger extended family, our “tiyospaye.” [Tee-yo-spa-yay] means exactly that: extended family in Lakota Native American language. This is a direct nod of acknowledgement in honor of those who came before us. (We believe from various sources and physical evidence that these grounds were once home to a community of Lakota.) To those long-time members of our CWC community whom we’ve mourned these last recent years, we acknowledge and thank you, too, wherever you are. You’ve been part of building this circle of connected people and are sorely missed. We hope to continue to provide a safe and nurturing retreat in the northwoods of Minnesota on beautiful 11th Crow Wing Lake, for all friends, kids, grandkids, and future generations; a nurturing place in natural surroundings with the opportunity to relax, play, connect or re-connect and increase physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Resort News: Isaiah and ‘Lil Chris were busy working on projects through December. Emily has now started projects in the warm part of shop (brrrr! It was -24 below zero this morning, and we’re expecting several more inches of snow.) Ryan helped with some year-end accounting activities, but mostly has been busy writing. Big John has been working on keeping healthy (if you mention he’s looking good this summer, be advised he’ll likely hold up his arms and invite you to feel his “guns.” Again, fair warning. 😊 )

vintage up north resort cabin at crow wing crest lodge akeley minnesotaI’ve been very busy lately with reservation confirmations, database cleaning, updating the website (new resort layout!) and volunteering on local boards. I’ve also sketched out a design for remodeling Tricky Vine Cabin #4. Yep, we are planning on this being the big project for next winter. At this time, we are thinking of keeping it a two-bedroom/one bath (mostly due to state shoreland restrictions) with a similar theme that we had used for remodeling Cabin #6 in 2011: redo, reuse, recycle. We’ll keep it simple, but it’ll have much bigger bedrooms (room for more than one bed in each) with possibly one bedroom in a loft area. Trust me, we’ll have a clear plan by this summer in order to communicate what to expect the following year so that repeat guests can make choices accordingly. (Photo at left is Cabin #4 when it used to be “Cabin #1” back in the 40’s before it was moved from boat ramp area to it’s present location next to Cabin #3. I’ve also framed/enlarged several more historic resort photos for cabin art, along with several vintage maps donated by a gracious guest – thanks Shullaw family!)

Resort Improvements:

  • We’ve switched credit card machine banks and will start accepting American Express. Of course, we ALWAYS most appreciate cash or checks when possible.
  • The carousel has been repaired. Emily is currently re-painting it, and it’ll be back for 2019, better than ever!
  • Emily’s other project is creating parking signs for around the resort. We were feeling the challenge of more and more vehicles the last few years. Designated signage will help direct newbies and overflow vehicles (especially if we can steer ‘em away from sprinkler heads.)
  • Cabin #14 received new carpet on the main level in late September (thank you, Scottie!)
  • Cabin #13 got re-roofed in October.
  • The boys have replaced the structural logs in the kids swing set next to the lodge.
    Lodge deck – this was such a bigger project than anticipated last fall. There are still some details to work out, but we are all very happy with the one level aspect and think you’ll appreciate the lessened tripping hazard, too.
  • We’ve been replacing three beds a year last couple of years (cabins #15, #16, #17, #11 [two], #18.) Why stop now? We plan to add three more new ones this spring in several yet-to-be-determined cabins.
  • Misc. Repairs: bathroom flooring issue in Cabins #2 and #19, the A/C unit moved in Cabin #12 to allow usage of dining room window, both tracker boats have new vinyl flooring, and on and on and on. 😊

Oh, boy, am I having some fun with Instagram. Finally! I just got dragged into this decade with a smart phone in November and have been posting regularly since. My favorite theme is #WhatTheHeckIsHeWearingToday detailing my husband’s rather interesting fashion sense. Most days I have trouble keeping him clothed as he tends to enjoy the freedom of his birthday suit. I asked him if he ever dabbled in the streaking fad of the 1960’s and 70’s. “Uh, yah, sure.” (In such a tone as if to imply, “didn’t everyone?”) Guess that might have been obvious. I asked him to do a snow bath the other day for a FB and Instagram post – he was quite game about it. Bet we could find other entertainments for him to illustrate round the resort. I welcome suggestions. Follow us @RetreatToCWC

As always, there are lots of cabin juggles when we send out this season’s confirmations and peeps are reminded to view their schedules. The cabin/campsite Availability Calendar on the website is updated in real time (you can see weekly boat rentals, too! Just scroll down to see what's already booked.) We’d be delighted to meet new kinfolk. Or, if we haven’t seen you in awhile, c’mon on up and join the fun.

Can't wait to see you. Take good care, and just know the lake'll be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

P.S. 2019 confirmations have been sent! If you didn't get one, CONTACT US as it means we either have a bad e-mail address for you or we don't have you on the books.)

P.P.S. UPDATES – if we mis-spelled your name, had a change in family members at this address, or if you no longer wish to receive these annual newsletters, contact us to help clean up our database.

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