2020 Newsletter

Oh my gosh, this will be our 20th season at CWC – where does the time go?

snow drift cabins at crow wing crest lodgeIt seems like yesterday we were touring the resort in the muffled silence of February 2001, not even able to get into some of the cabins because of drifts. This magical place immediately welcomed us and felt like “home.” We hope you’ve felt a few moments of comfort or joy in your up north experiences here on 11th Crow Wing Lake. We intend to extend the welcome blanket of CWC for many more years to come - “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise.” 😊

Emily, Ryan and Big John are well and have been doing lots of non-resort tasks (massage, writing, reflexology & selling CBDs) since November. I’ve been busy with updating brochures, organizing pics, framing vintage resort brochures, confirming reservations, recovering dining chairs in Cabin #19 (BTW there’s a new used washer for that cabin, plus the H/C taps in the shower are switched correctly) working on local community boards and, of course, contracting for the re-build of Cabin #4.

constructing cabin #4 at crow wing crest lodgeConstruction always seems to take longer than one thinks, yes? Last summer I applied for a variance (we wanted to rebuild with three bedrooms instead of two, and to build up, not out, to accommodate current building code requirements; namely bigger bedrooms. Building a 2nd story and adding bedrooms requires a variance.) The planning commission was a little intimidating (“please speak your full name into the microphone, Ms. Bowen,” while the unblinking red light of the camera stared down at my table, directly in front of a raised dais of 8 members of the committee meting out our building fate. 30 people sat behind me awaiting their turn. Many who had already pleaded their case and left had been denied their requests. Yikes!) I ended up having to go through the process twice. One of the surprising things that came out of it was their insistence we move the cabin closer to lake (almost unheard of, but mainly due to the water run-off issue of hill directly behind cabin.) The cabin is now inches from the front driveway. It’s a little too close for my liking, but on a positive note it’ll be easy for guests to unload a vehicle. (Two parking spaces will be designated alongside cabin on hill between #4 and #5.)

As I type this, the cabin shell is done. Yeah! Plumbing & electrical rough-in inspections are done. Insulation and staircase installation finished yesterday. Isaiah, Grampa Matthew and ‘Lil Chris are planning to start covering the interior ceilings with cedar planking next week. I have been obtaining plates and bowls for a ceramic mosaic project I plan to do in the dining area in place of wainscoting. As I walked through the cabin this week, the bedrooms feel HUGE. The lower level will be very wheelchair friendly. I think guests will also really appreciate the covered deck on the lakeside. The building crew was able to get four of the old vintage windows from ye ‘olde Cabin #4 into the living room. I am happy to have honored the past by insisting some of those elements be incorporated into the new cabin! Re-do, re-use, recycle is the theme again. Most of the windows and lighting fixtures are recycled. I am a little shocked by how this particular cabin is completely booked throughout entire summer weekly season already. Thank you all for the trust!

I have been posting pics of re-build and other area news on Instagram and Facebook. Follow us/Like us if you’d like to keep updated. (You may have to comment or reply via an emoji occasionally to regularly get my posts into your feed. FB is constantly changing their algorithms, but those who engage, get the posts.) facebook.com/crowwingDOTcom @RetreatToCWC (Note: when I post to Instagram, it is automatically getting posted to my personal facebook page. If we are ‘friends’, you may wish to ‘like’ the resort fb page and/or vice versa as again, different items get posted to each page.)

Cabin #4 Naming Contest: Because of vines growing inside the walls of old Cabin #4, years ago we named it Tricky Vine Cabin #4. Now that it’s a fresh re-build, the cabin needs a new name. Do you have a suggestion? (One guest put a vote in for “B-4” Cabin #4 in honor of our BINGO jingle.) It may be that we need a season under our belts to get a ‘feel’ for the new cabin and label it accordingly. Meanwhile, we are taking your ideas. Person with the winning name gets a spin around the lake (one free hour on any available pontoon rental.)

2% discount. New this year, we are offering a 2% discount for anyone who would like to pay off their cabin total due by February 28th via check (personal or cashiers.) March 1 and after will not count for discount. This incentive is to help off-set typical spring resort expenses and help with the flow over a typical season. (Offer not available for partial payments, total due only.) If you have $1,000 left on your cabin total due, as example, think of this $20 savings as equal in value to a couple pizzas perhaps. If you gotta pay it anyway, might as well do it sooner and justify the family feed on Saturday night?

New CWC Treasure Hunt: A riddle or clue will be posted each day at noon in the lodge (Sunday-Thursday. 5 clues total.) Your hunt will be for a laminated & folded gift certificate (good for $25 towards a CWC clothing item). It may be tucked into a tree knot, buried in some dirt, taped under a swing or hidden in/on/beneath/above an everyday object which stays in roughly the same place. You will not need tools to extract it. Hunt is meant to be challenging, with vague clues at beginning of week. First person each week to find it, wins it.

2020 confirmations have been e-mailed out. If you think you are on the books and have not received a confirmation, PLEASE CONTACT US.

It’ll be summer before ya know it! If spring fever is hitting ya hard, we’d be delighted to have you retreat up to the lake us. We feel wholly blessed to see some of the same twinkling faces multiple times each season, taking advantage of the migrating critters & excellent fishing of May & early June, the sun & fun of summer and the peace & quiet of autumn colors in September/October. Folks often comment on the different vibe for each season at the resort, and it’s all good.  (More details on specials.)

  • May (Rent two nights, get 3rd night FREE)
  • Private Individual or Couples Special (May & after Labor Day): pick any cabin (except #19) for $109/night, $550 week
  • June 9 – 13: 2 for 2 Deal (pay for two nights, get two more FREE)
  • June 13 – 20: 10% OFF week (all scheduled activities start hoppin'!)
  • August 22-29: Discount Week in: Save up to $679!
  • Pre-Labor Day 5-night Special: Sat-Thurs only, rent three nights, get 2 FREE!

We hope this note reminds you of fond ‘up north’ recollections and creates an impetus to make more. Perhaps you’ll recall a shooting star blazing across the Milky Way as you warmed your hands over a campfire? Maybe you laughed at baby duck antics. How many loon calls have you counted in a day at the lake? Did the fresh pine-scented air getcha relaxed and sleeping well at night? We always encourage the makings of a new fish tale to tell, and we look forward to witnessing more memory-making moments with your family and friends this season, or whenever you can make it back up.

Can't wait to see you. Take good care, and just know the lake'll be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

P.S. UPDATES – if we mis-spelled your name, had a change in family members at this address, or if you no longer wish to receive this annual newsletter, contact us to help clean up our database.

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