Albino Chipmunk at CWC- summer of 2015

albino chipmunk northern MN

Season of the Albino Chipmunk: From first sighting in May until a feral cat got the little guy last week of August, the summer of 2015 gifted guests the magic of a connection to this red eyed creature. (He seemed to have a burrow under Cabin #14 and was fed by hand from cabin guests along the front row.)


I spied a wonderful article by the DNR Minnesota Conservation Volunteer about the science behind albinism.   Son-in-law, Ryan, also researched the chances of birthing an albino chipmunk - 1 in 200,000.    And we had one here at CWC!


For a completely unscientific article about the totem energy of chipmunk (for those of you who had personal contact with the wee critter!) you might find some interesting messages or meanings from a Positive Living Blog.  The Chipmunk: Magic is Alive.

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