Our famous local mayor – on NBC’s “Little Big Shots”

Longtime CWC guests may remember hometown favorite Em's Cafe in our tiny town of Akeley?   (2001 - 2011?)  Well, Emma is not only still around (and occasionally helping get YOUR CWC cabin cleaned for ya - esp. spring cleaned), but raising a couple of rather increasingly celebrated young gentlemen.

Her eldest son, Robert, now age 6, (in photo with Big John and I on home page at 2013 Governor's Fishing Opener) shot to fame as world's youngest mayor (Dorset, Minnesota - 8 miles away, population around 22 peeps.)   As a rather positive and amusing human interest story, a WCCO TV spot with the young mayor got picked up by numerous national and international media outlets and things just kept rolling from there.

Robert's younger brother, James (age 3), is currently the mayor of Dorset (James beat out his oldest brother as YOUNGEST mayor ever, by a few days/weeks, if I recall the story correctly.)   Both boys have been such AWESOME AMBASSADORS of our northwoods area and we are very lucky to have had them promoting how much fun fishing and relaxing on a lake 'up north' can be.   I see them shining some light on local charity fundraising walks and other community awareness raising programs.  Thanks, Tufts fam!    I, for one, see what you are doing and sincerely appreciate all the energy and time you spend supporting the community.   It's a lot.   Thank you.

Below is video clip of a NEWEST piece of publicity - James got to be on NBC's most watched newest program, Steve Harvey's  "Little Big Shots" (produced by Ellen DeGenerous), a show highlighting kids around the world doing talented or unusual things.   See for yourself how well suited these boys are for speaking well of us 'hicks' up north.  🙂     Proud Mama Emma -- good job raising these lively and well spoken young'uns - hope you are all enjoying the ride!


 Here are a couple of clips from brother Robert's reign of mayorship:



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