New lyrics for “Goodnight Crow Wing . . . ” – ‘mo bettah now

FINALLY-- got those custom lyrics to "Goodnight Irene" re-written!   It'll be a great way to end Sing-alongs on Thursday nights in summer now . . .

lyrics by K.M. Bowen & D.G. Gurler

(November 2016       - without the vodka this time)

sung to melody from 'Goodnight Irene'


Goodnight, Crow Wing . . .

                        Crow Wing good night,     Crow Wing good night

                        Good night Crow Wing, good night Crow Wing

                        I'll see you     in        my     dreams


Last Saturday we arrived here

So glad to drive through that gate

our cabin we saw, "let's unpack!" said Ma

but     we'd     already    jumped        in        the      lake ------(CHORUS)


I like to learn about logging lore

pine   scented    woods    are    fun    to    explore

a crooning    loon,    a    lapping      shore

all      help     my      soul              restore --------(CHORUS)


I stared   at   a   fire   for   hours   on   end

I swam,    I  biked,   I made   a   new   friend

I    love    it    here,    I    can't    pretend

I wish    this    week     would     never   end --------(CHORUS)


You   should   have   seen   all   the   fish   I   caught

at   least   that's   what    I'll    say

Well, sure . . .    they're    small,    not    many    at    all

but . . . the   big      one        got                 away  ------------(CHORUS)


The    Milky    Way    up         above    us    soars

we    share    the    weenies,   the   beans,   the   s'mores

it's    so    quiet    up    here,    but,    OH!    my    Lord . . .

listen         to       ALL      those       'toots'     and   snores  ----(CHORUS)


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