Some contenders for CWC Photo Contest 2016

We are considering some of the following awesome photos entered by CWC guests this last year for the annual photo contest.   These are not the entire list, just a sampling.  We welcome more entries  --- no time limit.  🙂


sunset at crow wing crest lodge

J.R. likes his sunsets. 🙂

big fish cushion pillow in cabin 3

thanks for the fish tale, Mann fam -- what, Jonathan caught those from the sofa in A-Frame Cabin #3? 😉

ducking in a boat under 11th crow wing lake culvert, akeley mn

Thanks Miss Karly, for this amusing snippet of "how to duck under the culvert" on 11th Crow Wing Lake. 🙂

lightning over 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley mn

Jesse Kleve caught this moment in August 2015 when the big storm came through and knocked down the power for a bit. It was quite the adventure. Awesome shot, dude.

barn reflected in 11th cRow Wing lake, akeley, mn

Jim Petersen snapped this pic of barn reflection around the corner from CWC beach - NICE, Jimbo.

potluck luau at lodge, akeley

thanks, Eng fam (& friends!) for sharing this pic! --- the girls were perfect at greeting everyone for luau.

scene at CWC beach 2015 August

thanks, Raechel Polanski, for this and many other wonderful shots!

beach at crow wing crest lodge

thanks, Bialke fam for this beach moment!

walking bridge across headwaters to 11th Crow Wing Lake

thanks, Bonnie Economy for the entry!

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