This resort is a fun, safe place for kids to play. Drum circle way too cool!

I just wanted to tell you guys how much fun I had here (last week) at Crow Wing Crest!  My family and I have been to many resorts and this one, by far was my favorite!  Keep up the good work!  =]
                                                                           ---- Katie Kuyper, 12 yrs old, July 9, 2008



 Hello Kim And John.  Well, here we are back home, wondering how our week of June 9th, 2008 went so fast.  We truly enjoy your hospitality, kids had a blast, and Sue and I really enjoyed our stay with you folks.  Can't you invent a time machine so our days at CWC last a lot longer??!  We are booked with you folks for next June, take care and above all THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                   ---Gary and Sue Swanson, White Bear Lake, MN
hey kim and john!

we were there on the week of sept 10th or so and we'll be back in june.

we had such a great time.  i had such a great time.  cabins had everything we needed and smelled great.  (kim - i went out and bought some sal suds -- gonna add some essential oils and see if i can make my floors give off a pleasing odor...).

the walking/hiking trails on the property were MUCH appreciated and used.  it was nice to feel lost AND know you were going the right direction.

the whole place just gives off a good vibe!  thank you so much!!!

i wanted to send along some pictures i thought you guys would get a kick out of but i'm not sure how to send them in this "form" format... any other ideas?

thanks again!                                                    katie ireland  --- October 2007


I love the giant trees, the hammock, the loons.  I loved seeing relatives I hadn't seen in years.  Aromatherapy/Reflexology was great and Kim's sparkly smile and Big John's serenity.  Kitchens were well stocked.  Loved the simple swings and fire rings.  Kim's "spider web" game, drums and craft hour seed puzzle project were great, too!

                                                                          -----Nancy Freeman of Colorado July 2007



Our favorite things about the resort were Norwegian Volleyball, free internet, COOL website, free paddleboats and kayaks, "Fredward": the fish pillow in Cabin #3, the (Ionic Detox) foot bath, the quietness, the friendly service, and the good looking blond at the front desk!  

                                                                ---------new guests, Youngers family July 20, 2007


Hi Kim and John:

I'm a little tardy in sending this to you, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Spring Healer's Weekend.  We all had a great time - as usual!  Crow Wing Crest is my yearly mental and physical health check up.  I've been using the meditation CD that we bought from Brian B. and it reminds me of the peaceful days we had this spring.  Thank you for making it one of my favorite places to be in the world!
Attached is a picture that I took when we went for a walk (in between the gentle rain showers).  Enjoy and I hope you have enough time to put your feet up in your busy summer season!
                                                                     -------------------Tina Summerville, July 2007


We had a great time at your resort back on 6/11. Grandma and the grandkids all enjoyed their time there. The kids had fun swimming, the luau was fun, the ladies liked the aromatherapy session, and I especially enjoyed the "hootenanny" at the lodge. We're looking forward to doing it again soon.
PS If I have some pics, can I email them to you?

                                                        ---------George LaBrosse, Forest Lake, MN, June 2007


Kim & Big John!  As you can see by our (Christmas card) pictures, fishing in Minnesota was the high point of our year!  We had such a nice time at Crow Wing Crest Lodge!  I know we will see you again - until then we send a big hug and kiss  . . . .

                                          ----Jane, Curtis, Elissa & Thomson  Dec. 2006 (1st time visitors)

We used the web to select Crow Wing Crest because it sounded great, looked great, was family oriented, and fit our time restrictions.


When we arrived, CWC surpassed anything we expected.  Our Cabin #16 was immaculate, completely outfitted, very attractive and comfortable.  The grounds were in beautiful condition, with cabins well-spaced for sounds and view, and offered so many things to do.  Yet one could just sit and soak up the NorthWoods and all the pines.


Our hosts (that's you, Kim & John) were so friendly and warm and eager to please -- so relaxed you seemed to be enjoying a vacation yourselves.  You were even willing to spend extra time so our grandchildren (and we adults, too) could enjoy the "Drumming " not scheduled for that night.


Can't think of a thing to change.  The grandchildren said, "Wish we were still at the resort!"  We will be recommending Crow Wing Crest!  Hope we can return soon.  Thank you . . . .


----Mr & Mrs E., Crystal, MN, Sept. 1, 2005


This resort is a FUN, SAFE place for kids to play allowing us parents a little (okay . . . a lot) more time to relax and enjoy our vacation too. The beach is great! The playhouse (log cabin) is awesome. Mom enjoyed the informative seminars on reflexology and aromatherapy. The drumming circle was way too cool. You have a great place! We're really looking forward to next year already!

-------Luann. Kirk & Michaela Conklin, IA, Aug 3, 2005

No matter where you looked, there was a great lake view!!!! (We were in cabin #14). The beach, relaxation and the owners were fabulous. A great variety of things to do.

----Dave & Linda, MN, July 22, 2005

Crow Wing Crest Rocks

I love CWC soooo much! I have been going there since I was born and my family before me.  It is soooo great.  Whoever is reading this, don't go there 'cause I want it all to myself.  Oh ya, I'm a thirteen year old and live in Minneapolis, so you know everybody loves CWC.

---Peter Ringham, 16 Jul 2005

Alright. Crow Wing Crest is the best place I have ever been to. I love it more than everything. I have a countdown (calendar) every single year, counting down the days till I go (21 days from today and I'm there --exactly 3 weeks!)  I have $40 in quarters saved up just to play arcade games. I've been going there all my life. I went from cabin 6 to cabin 19. This place makes me so happy. I just can't wait to dip into the lake, or play some bingo! 

----Addie Royce, July 16, 2005, Minnesota

Wonderful is an understatement...
Kim & Big John, I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend at your resort. The camping was great, your facilities are something that others should strive for. The kids had a wonderful time on the beach and playing games in the lodge! My reflexology session was fantastic! Thanks for helping us make some wonderful family memories...we'll be back soon!

--Take care, Holly, Marv, Joe & Paige Mackedanz, Jun 24, 2005

Just got back from our trip but wanted to thank you for the wonderful stay at the Lodge. You're so good with kids. Justin and Cody are making those God's eyes and teaching all their friends. They can't wait to come back next year. They're also going to teach their friends that Bat & Moth game. Soon I'll send you some beads and etc. Got to go thru my crafts . . . Thanks again!

-----Agnes, John, Kourtney, Justin & Cody, July 21, 2004, California

Hi Kim: I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy receiving the Crow Wing Resort newsletter and Christmas letter. Carson talked about the cabin so often that the lead teacher in his daycare remarked that we need to make sure we continue to visit because he would be devastated if we didn't. He really talked about going back until sometime in January so our trip made quite an impression on him (and us!). My mom still mentions how nice a place it is too, and she can be pretty darn picky (don't tell her I said that!). We're moving to the Chicago area so we'll be even closer to Minnesota, which will make that drive more appealing!

--Deb and Preston Aldrich, Carson too!  July 21, 2004


-----Joe & Jill Ford, July 19, 2004

I love your website! It's just like being at the resort. I especially enjoy reading the information written by Kim. I can tell it's your writing and it makes me chuckle as I wait to come back for a visit again! Can't wait to see you all!

---Zane, Larry, Amanda, Douglas and Philip, Apr 13, 2004

Loved the site, the atmosphere, activities were fun and interesting. We had a fabulous week - thank you! Loved funky cabin #14. Great beds! Thanks for the hard work you do to make this place great. We'll be back - we're so foot loose these days, it's hard to plan too far ahead!

---- Jim & Mary Edmister, July 19, 2004


DEAR KIM & JOHN! The Rial gang is looking forward again to another fun filled week at Crow Wing Crest!!!  This will be our 4th summer with you and we have enjoyed every minute.  There are so many favorite parts to the week besides getting together with the family:  bingo, potluck, drum session (hope Bobby doesn't dance again!) and I'm sure for you, Kim, is the sing-along night.  My family could sing all night, so just let us know when it's time to head back to our cabins. Take care and we will see you in a couple of weeks! 

-----Tammy T and THE RIAL GANG, June 10,  2004

Our favorite thing about Crow Wing Crest Resort? I liked the safe cleaning products, no smoking in buildings, aromatherapy, reflexology, & massage. We all liked being able to ride over to Akeley to get on the bike trail without hauling the bikes. We'd like to see you continue to carry bait for young fishermen like Philip. Being able to use the paddleboats, kayaks, etc. without signing up or paying separate is nice, too. Thanks again for a wonderful time !! We look forward to seeing you next year.

                               -----excerpt from feedback form . . .Zane Rae Madsen, Sept 09, 2003

Our favorite thing about CWC? Location, fishing - drum circle, lake access, swimming, canoeing, etc. We love the helpfulness and attitude of Kim, John, and Terry. We went to the Mississippi headwaters - we had forgotten how good that is. The kids rented bikes and had a ball as well. We loved the wood swing. Kim, thanks for the aromatherapy salts! They are great. As always, we had a great time. The drumming circle was the BEST - I relieved A LOT of tension that night! See you next year.

-----Thanks, Scott & Dawn Moser, Aug 21, 2003

The sauna is our family's favorite fun. We frequently use the shuffleboard and volleyball court. Our children love the shaved ice treats, playhouse and the beach. 

-----Bellig clan, Aug 21, 2003

Our favorite thing about the resort? The atmosphere! What a great place to bring the family! We had the most fun at Potluck Luau on Thursday. Thanks for the great week!  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! 

------The VanWyhe's, Aug 12, 2003

After 13 years, Crow Wing Crest continues to please us - relaxing, quiet, family-oriented. Furnishings and accessories in cabins continue to improve. Great view off nice new deck in #17, thanks. 

-----Connie & John Hyduke, Aug 12, 2003

Our favorite thing about the resort? The fun-friendly atmosphere! Any little thing we needed . . .you gave us. We loved all the kid activities and family themes (drumming, bingo, etc.) We had a great time - Looking forward to next year! 

-----Tim & Mary Beth BurnsAug 12, 2003

The wooden swing rules! Our favorite thing about the resort is playing volleyball, swimming, hanging out with the friends we've made over the years, and having so much fun! The resort & cabins seem like they are in better shape every year! We appreciate the family focus/atmosphere. 

Lousma clan, Aug 12, 2003 . . .  comments from feedback form

What a great weekend!

Thanks John, Kim, and Terry for a great weekend! I'm so glad Mark and Tammy introduced us to this place! It was hard to leave, we didn't want to go home, yet! I can't wait to come back! Thanks again for a terrifically relaxing weekend! 

JJ, Michelle, Jordan, Morgan, Aug 10, 2003

Our family has visited Crow wing for the last 3 years, we enjoy the peaceful setting, friendly owners and other Resort dwellers. The activities that are scheduled for both the family and kids are an excellent way to get to know your neighbors and the owners of the resort. The setting is amazing and is breath taking, you can't ask for a more perfect setting to relax and enjoy nature and people. It is a vacation that our family looks forward to every year and will continue for years to come.

DONNA ANDREW, Feb 20, 2003

My family has been coming to Crow Wing Crest for over 10 years, and Kim and John have been an unknowingly essential addition to our vacation experience. This past year (2001)was the most relaxing and comfortable ever, and it all has to do with the warmth and kindness of our new hosts. We are more excited than ever to spend a week in 2002 at Crow Wing Crest, enjoying the joys of reflexology amidst the majestic trees of our beautiful northwoods with Kim and John as our hosts/friends. Thank you both, we are so glad we have found you

- Betsy Chastain and Clan of 30+ fans, Oct 21, 2001

Dear Kim & John, I was delighted to be invited once again by my daughter & son-in-law to join them at Crow Wing Crest Lodge. What fun. It is an ideal place for parents, grandmas & grandchildren! You both are doing a great job. This year the children were old enough to participate in the fishing contest, pot luck (yummy) & bingo (what fun!) We were so pleased that Terry, was available to join us in the fun. It was great to have Adam provide us with campfire wood, so we could roast marshmallows several times that week and he also made sure the beach was free of lake weeds. Keep up the good work and if, God willing ,the entire Sullivan, Robertson & Biehl families will once again be fishing for that 15 pound walleye that Terry swears is in the lake!  Keep up the good work and good luck. 

Sincerely, Dolores Biehl (Nan)

P.S. I forgot to mention that we really enjoyed the Humming bird feeder that was provided at our cabin, I filled it immediately and we had humming birds right away and it was so much fun, to have breakfast and watch the birds. Great Idea!!

We enjoyed it and we will be back sometime. As much corn as we fed that chipmunk, he has to be set for the winter

Jerry Bair, Sept. 8, 2001

If you haven't ever been to Crow Wing you should come!! This is my favorite place in the whole entire world. It is so calm and so beautiful. The lake is the clearest lake I have ever been to. We have been coming here for like 17 years. Well not me I'm only 14 but my family has. If you are thinking about this place, you won't be disappointed. Trust me!!!!

----Mindy, July 26, 2001

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