Impressed not only with cleanliness, but abundance of kitchen supplies

We were very impressed with not only cleanliness, but the abundance of kitchen supplies and the things that don't always get a good cleaning were CLEAN (i.e. fans, curtains, hard to reach areas.)  Everything was easy to find, very clean, comfortable and very much the cabin setting we were hoping for, for a relaxing vacation.  Loved the cabin/homelike feel.  Our favorite thing about visiting was the fishing and QUIET!  (loved deck on cabin #18, being close to town, loved the welcome book.)  Would like to see us here more often!!      ---- Liza & Brad, 1st time guests September 2012


New for us this year: Norwegian Volleyball -- what a riot!  And what a fun way to meet other guests!  Let's do it twice a week, we'll even help Kris with the water balloons. 🙂  CWC is a little slice of paradise.  Thank you for the wonderful healing activities - reflexology, aromatherapy, tarot card readings.  What a gift to come to such a peaceful place.  Thank you so much!

   ------- Michelle LaFrance Cabin #3, August 2011


Had a great time at this wonderful northwoods gem!! Big John, Kim and Kris really excel in making every guest feel welcome and special. Very warm and its like its own little village in the woods. LOTS to do! Our daughter (12) and son (16) were really pleased w/ the personal nature and variety of things to do. Would soooo go again and would recommend this to anyone!                                        -----Margaret Vanderwarn, 1st time guests June 2011



Affordable vacation, and use of canoes and kayaks is our favorite thing, but BEST is the lakeside sauna (also the lodge -- having the jukebox and all the percussion instruments available for us to play with whenever we wanted was very fun.)   ----- Louise Quinn (new guests September 2010)



Kim & John & Kris - CWC means so much to our family. We (in increasing numbers!) have been coming to CWC for 33 years.   Our 3rd daughter (Lindsey) took her first steps in Cabin #1, that was 33 years ago! Our family lives in various cities and states - the third week in July we spend the week together and this has been a major factor in the close relationships we have.  Our children and now grandchildren, have gotten to know and love each other at the Lake (teachers have asked if we own a lake because of the numerous stories we tell).  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is thank you -- I can only imagine how much work it takes to keep it looking so great.  Gods Blessings!                 ---- Chris Schonning July 23, 2010



The chipmunks and the wildlife are probably still the most amazing part of the trip for our family.  Love how you guys try and get "bonding" time with individual cabins.  You guys are awesome!   Thanks John for info on reflexology, I hope to have read quite a few books by next time I see you!  And Kim, too!   I got so many new fun and natural items to play with!   Can't wait to try out the little diffuser with lavender or citrus essential oils!                                       ---Wolf family & friends, July 2010

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