Catching sunnies, swings everywhere, peppermint soap


  1. letting my kids be themselves
  2. fishing
  3. proximity to the lake
  4. no televisions!

Also!   making friends, bubble baths, clear water, star gazing, movie night . . .

-----Bernier clan, first timers August 2015 (Raspberry Cabin #9)


<Also written on two paper plates left with feedback form in cabin.   Apparent hint to owner: leave more open space on feedback forms for notes from guests. 🙂 >

What Brought us Here?

  1. $
  2. renting for less than a week <they took advantage of Pre-Labor Day 5-night special>
  3. ad on Explore Minnesota state tourism site
  4. photos and "tone" of the website, family friendly fun

Who are we?

Family of four from the cities.  College students.  I am giving my kids my most treasured memories of "up at the lake"

Why we will come back:

  1. good fishing and proximity to other lakes
  2. our boat fits through the tunnel
  3. Ryan, Kim, Kris - all so simply gracious
  4. allowing my kids to be themselves*

*Our twelve-year-old son made a friend who only lives 15 minutes from us in the cities!  <resort owners witness at least one astonishing "it's a small world story" each week>    He is looking forward to keeping in touch.  This weekend he helped his 25-year-old cousin by teaching her how to bait her her hook.

*Our five-year-old son was dead set on taking that green arm paddle boat to the swim platform by himself (with life vest) because he saw an older kid (9) do it.  He insisted I stay on land.  He controlled his paddle boat perfectly and hooked it exactly as needed <tied to side of raft on grapple hooks provided>.   Aforementioned older kid paddled out to swim raft where they proceeded do jump off the swim raft together.  AMAZING! ............worth the cost of a few dozen new gray hairs.   🙂  - Mom

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