10% off Week – June 15-21, 2024

This is our first official week of prime-time summer and our "trial run" of scheduled activities. School's OUT and summer is HERE!

Photo op in Akeley, MN with biggest Paul Bunyan statue in the world

Photo op in Akeley, MN with biggest Paul Bunyan statue in the world




Top 10 reasons to choose 10% off Week:

  1. Warmer Weather than you might think! Average June temps are 73 degrees for a high, 52 degrees for a low (based on 91 years of local records Hubbard County - click here for more local weather averages)
  2. Big reunions: get your choice of cabins and ask about holding a few group meals in the lodge, with seating for 50
  3. Loons are vocal and "showing off" to impress a mate
  4. Fishin' is always better in June (versus July or August)
  5. You may have to stop on the road to wait for a wild turtle to cross
  6. Bird watchers: this is a great week to hang out (watch for migrating red starts, swans, flickers, bohemian waxwings, scarlet tanagers, indigo buntings, etc.)
  7. Best selection of clothing sizes and gifts in the lodge early in season
  8. Paul Bunyan Days celebration in Akeley - one mile away (teen dance on Friday night, kids ice cream eating contest, fish fry, woodcarving demo, town BINGO, "Banjo Man")  Last weekend in June.
  9. Tons of area MUSIC (Moondance Jammin' Country or 2nd Street Stage Music downtown Park Rapids), NATURE (Lady Slippers in Itasca State Park) and FESTIVALS (see Chamber Events page)
  10. Save money by utilizing this special: if your big group decides to book Cabin #7, for example, 10% off saves you $300+ for the week, wow!



Contact Us or Call 218-652-3111 for reservations!  Or try the on-line booking system.

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