2015 Newsletter – January

We hope this greeting from the northwoods finds you healthy and happy . . .

Are you succeeding at your New Year's resolutions for 2015? I am amazed to report that Big John and I have been doing rather well at a purification diet. We've gone totally organic for the moment (who knew quinoa and kale could be palatable on a daily basis?) and Mr. Meat & Potatoes went for a week without squawking too much about the vegetarian fare. After a couple of weeks now, I'm pretty confident he can support us putting a lot of these habits into play throughout the year. (The direct result on his diabetes has been remarkable, I think he's finally a believer. Here's hoping we stay at it!)

red fox at crow wing crest lodgeCWC news on off-season projects and plans: Behind-the-Scenes and Stuff-You'll-Notice. (Sometimes I hesitate to yak about things we do around here which seem like a lot of tomfoolery. I'd rather share only stories about the flock of wild turkeys visiting our yard every day {why do they trot everywhere?} and the frequent sightings of our on-site fox {rodent patrol, thanks Red!}. However, mentioning some of our more frustrating decisions and money-pit tasks might give a more real impression that running this place is like running any other small business. Just know your little piece of paradise is being looked after.  )

Behind the Scenes:

  • kim bowen exasperated at crow wing crest lodgeMN Dept. of Health has required us to install a 3 basin NSF sink (plus a separate hand sink) in the lodge because of pizza cutter sanitation issues. We've had three different inspectors during the last year, who have all told us varying (and dissimilar) specifications. It's now about four months and four thousand dollars later, and the lodge is still in chaos and still many, many dollars short of completion. We've now told the plumber to just buzz off until spring when the glue might actually hold for pressure tests. (I've only pulled out a few chunks of hair. The rest is still gray with split ends.)
  • Re-roofing Cabin #19: Well, there'll go $8,000 I hadn't budgeted for next spring. Ah, well, whaddya do? We found the shingles hadn't been properly attached in the first place and now they're flying off willy-nilly. After much inner family hullabaloo, we have contracted with a nice young professional guy and his crew to do this job for us in April (he patched some bald spots to hold us over winter, and didn't even flinch at the steep roofline.)
  • Re-shingling Cabin #1: an easy job which Kris and Emily will tackle in May. (If they get time, they might also attempt Cabin #15.) Most of our cabin roofs have a shallow enough pitch for us to do ourselves, thank goodness.

Stuff You'll Notice:

  • New Mini-Pontoon: a third rental pontoon seemed like a good investment. The kids are insisting we only rent it out on a daily ($100) or half day ($70, sunrise - 1:00, 2:00 - sunset) basis. No weekly discounts. It's smaller than our other two (max. 7 peeps), but with a canopy and fish locator. (No reservations taken until arrival.)
  • NEW WEBSITE: there always seem to be delays on this end, but the new deadline is end of Jan.
  • Expect some different comfy chairs or recliners in Cabins #4 (two brand new single fold outs), #6, #9, #13, #17, and #18.
  • Cabin #11 has a brand new bunk system (it's waaaaaaay too big for the space really - we received the wrong one from company, but by the time Kris put it together it was too much trouble to send back.) I'll post a pic in the spring when I get the beds made up, promise. Awesome storage.)
  • Kris got on the "drawers under a bed" kick and we decided to create some built-in twin bed storage in Cabin #19 (lower twin) and #12 (back bedroom's twin).
    I got a heckuva steal on FOUR solid log futon sofa beds. Hence, #9's got replaced (lesson learned, don't buy the cheap particle board frames, sheesh), along with Cabins #12, #5 and #2 (yes, #2!). (The pull-out sofa from #5 -which is still in decent shape but didn't fit well in tiny #5's living room- went up to Cabin #7's living room.)

Ryan has been helping me lately with the new reservation software and a TV commercial, Emily is planning to make new sets of curtains for various cabins and John has been playing around in his 'man-cave', separating fishing gear. He's tossing around the idea of selling some of his lures and tackle to anyone interested (Wednesday afternoon table sale set up next to fish cleaning house?)

As always, there are lots of cabin juggles as we send out this coming season’s confirmations and peeps are reminded to view their schedules. IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED YOURS VIA E-MAIL (or with this newsletter) IT MEANS WE DO NOT HAVE YOU ON THE BOOKS (or that we inputted your e-mail address incorrectly into the new reservation software.) Feel free to check the Cabin Availability page on the website if you are interested in upgrading or changing weeks or encouraging more friends and family to join you. We’d be delighted to meet new kinfolk, or if we haven’t seen you in awhile, c’mon on up and join the fun!

origami frog kids crafts at crow wing crest lodgeI'll be scheduling aromatherapy classes again this season, Ryan'll be teaching how to weave survivor bracelets (I hope!), Kid's Crafts will be origami frogs & foxes, and he's got some kind of photo scavenger hunt in the works. And wait'll you hear some of the new lyrics I changed for a couple of folk songs on Sing-along Night. "Goodnight, Crow Wing," instead of "Goodnight, Irene". (Only Clementine gets to drown.)

Can't wait to see you, take good care, and just know the lake will be waiting for you . . . Kim, CWC

P.S. MN Aquatic Invasive Species Legislation passed in 2012 requires all out of state boat trailers to have a sticker (on-line training available January 31 www.trailers.mndnr.gov) by July 1, 2015. This is causing a bit of controversy right now (particularly since the training isn't even available yet, and they still haven't set a fee). I will be heading to the state capitol Feb. 4 with other resorters to talk to legislators about our issues (mostly trying to keep the Post Labor Day School Start - yep, another repeal bill has been floating around). Who knows if this AIS law will affect you before you travel through MN this year, but in case you'd like to be proactive, I wanted to give you a 'heads up' to get it on your radar.

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