Covid-19 Response – StaySafe Initiative

Our StaySafe initiative has been developed with the intent to continue offering cabin-by-the-lake vacations within CDC, MN Dept. of Health and MN Governer guidelines.  We are constantly updating and welcome guest feedback and further suggestions. Camping Update

Above all, we want everyone to be safe and well: guests, staff, and us, too.  If you feel sick, stay home.  We ask that you take extra precautions to not expose yourself to risk two weeks prior to your stay with us. 

Please bring your courtesy mask (we ask that you wear one upon initial check-in* with us and if you visit any local bait shops, liquor stores, convenience stations, etc.   We encourage bringing groceries from home when possible, or again, just wear a courtesy mask during your errand.  Our area residents sincerely appreciate this respect that you offer.) 

Check-In:   Instead of stopping at lodge to check-in, you will be welcome to go onto your cabin and make yourself at home.  We will see you pass by our house, but ask that you TEXT US upon arrivial (within an hour) and we will walk down to collect your cash (exact amount if possible), personal check (ready in hand) or credit card (in this case we will take to lodge, process and bring back to you disinfected.  Use fresh pen in cabin to sign slip or we'll have one for you to use.)   We intend to collect check-in information a few days beforehand from you via e-mail to make it as seamless as possible (e.g. names & ages of kids, vehicle license plate #, boat rental validation, etc.)   Expect us to be wearing our courtesy mask and that we will be respecting the proper social distancing. 

Check-Out:  Instead of coming into lodge, text us the DAY before your departure between 12 noon - 5 p.m. and we will stop at your cabin with your bill to collect tab expenses, chat about your stay and accept reservation deposits for next year (from 6+ feet away, of course.)

  • Check-in/Check-out times: MN Dept of Health is strongly encouraging lodging rooms to buffer 24 hours of time between guests if/when possible.  We have already buffered a day between all May and early June reservations.  We will be adapting our summer weekly Saturday check-in time from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m.  In discussing some of the new Dept of Health guidelines with resort colleagues the past couple of weeks, we’ve discovered numerous others are asking their weekly guests to check-out on Friday at 9 a.m. or 12 noon.  Instead, we would like our guests to be able to enjoy all morning and afternoon of their 7th day -the bulk of the day if they want-  and are strongly urging peeps to depart by 5:00ish on Friday evening.   This would allow that 24 hour time period buffer as recommended to us.  Many guests already depart on Fridays, so this is a moot point.   Most guests realize the weekly rates are set up as 5 nights of rental with the 6th and 7th night free.   I guess what we are asking this summer amid a Covid-19 environment is exchanging a free night of lodging for the ensured safety of many; including us, our staff and the next guests.  We are hoping this seems reasonable and that you might appreciate this extra caution step prior to your own arrival.

LODGE:  Will be closed but we have created TAKE-OUT WINDOW for pizza orders, limited ice cream & treats.   We have a Google Forms order form you may use to place order or text us.  At moment during summer weekly stays, we plan to be open for fulfulling orders between 12 noon - 2 p.m. and 6 - 8 p.m.  Lodge bathroom will be locked, and the key given to guests in Sleeping Cottage for their exclusive use.

Summer Group Activity Alternatives Planned

Laundry area will be open -only one cabin's group using machines at one time.  BRING QUARTERS!   We will be laundering all the sheets, blankets, pillows from cabins on TUESDAYs in summer, so machines will be in use that day.  Plan accordingly. 

ARCADES and SAUNA will also be closed by MN executive order until further notice.

Fish Cleaning House will be available for use (soap and EPA approved disinfectant supplied.  There will be a sign asking for only 1 cabin group at a time allowed only.  Please be patient and wait while other groups finish processing their catch of the day.  Door will propped open for extra ventilation.   LIVE BAIT - the convenience store 1.5 miles away has a variety of worms and minnows.   You are most welcome to borrow one of our many bait buckets during your stay.

Sanitizing Stations will be provided throughout grounds for guest use.   (We intend to have hand sanitizer and a bottle of EPA approved non-toxic disinfectant.  We will be checking them regularly, but text us if refills are needed.)   We highly encourage guests to bring their own personal sanitizer. 

Disinfectant around Resort Grounds:  We intend to spray an EPA approved non-toxic disinfectant (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, nixall, sol-u-guard, 70% alcohol) onto exterior plastic, metal or non-porous surfaces on all guest turn-over days according to CDC guidelines.   This includes all reserved boat/motors, playground grab bars, swing chains, carousel poles, boat paddles, lifejackets, boats, kayaks, canoes, SUP, paddleboats, etc., plus plastic chairs at each cabin.  (We ask all unrelated guests not to use the exterior items of other cabins unless invited specifically to do so by the cabin occupant.)   

Life Jackets:  If you have your own life jacket, bring it with you this year.  Life jackets are a MN state law to be worn by kids aged 10 and under (and required to be within reach for everyone else) whenever using a boat, kayak, canoe, SUP, paddleboat, etc.  Again, we will be spraying life jackets with disinfectant during guest turn-over days, but do not have enough for everyone to keep at their cabin for the week as their designated jacket.   Again, we encourage the use of our sanitizing stations when choosing a jacket from the lean-to behind sauna, or ask that you bring your own life jacket.

BEACH:   The maintenance boys will be spreading out the chairs 10 feet apart and we'll be encouraging the social distancing guidelines.  We simply ask you use common sense.  If beach seems full, use lawn areas or choose another activity other than beach for awhile until sufficient space has opened.


  • We will be using a mister/fogger/sprayer to apply EPA approved non-toxic disinfectant (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, Nixall, Sol-u-guard, 70% alcohol, or Force of Nature --  all of these are unscented except the herbal Sol-u-guard which I don't have in stock at moment) before each guest arrival.   This includes thoroughly coating dishes and kitchen surfaces, upholstery, bathrooms, beds, etc. with special attention to "high touch" areas: handles, switches, pulls, etc. 
  • Sofa throws, decorator pillows, stuffed animals, bed quilts, comforters, extra blankets and sofa-bed sheet sets will be removed from cabins per MN Dept of Health guidelines (to remove extraneous soft surfaces.)  If your group needs a sofa-bed bag of linens, text us and we will bring a set down to your cabin.
  • Each bed will have a sanitized bag of sheets, one blanket, a set of pillows with cases and slips.  [Mattress pads will be disinfected via the mister/fogger/sprayer, along with bedside tables, box springs, etc.]   This year will be a DIY make up your own bed.   We will also ask guests if they would be so kind as to carefully roll up their used linens [do not shake out anything] and put back into bag upon departure.  This is to minimize exposure to our staff.  

NOTE:  In other words, expect only one set of pillows (one for twin beds, two pillows per other size beds) and ONE blanket on your bed.  (Again, no quilt or bedspread.)  Bring your own extra blankets and favorite pillows from home if you think you will be needing them.   We want to make sure linens are extra clean and disinfected between guests and intend to use the 2nd set of sheets/pillows/blankets on turn-over cleaning days.   We will be isolating used linens for 3 days. We will launder on Tuesdays and make up sanitized bags for following week.  Hence, we will not have extra pillows or blankets to lend out.  Bring your own supplemental items as needed.  

  • If you have reserved a pack-n-play or highchair, they will be sprayed down with disinfenctant before being brought down to you.  (Bring your own baby blankets.)
  • We already change out pot holders, rugs, tablecloths and shower curtains each week and do not supply towels or washcloths, so we think we have thought through soft surface disinfecting issues to the extent that we can.  We welcome suggestions!
  • Each cabin is already provided with non-toxic all-purpose cleaning solution, glass and carpet de-spotting solution, and we will now supply a new bottle of non-toxic EPA approved disinfectant, also.
  • Dish soap and foaming hand soap will continue to be supplied in cabins - but YOU MAY WISH TO BRING YOUR OWN to keep the soap in plentiful supply in an effort to encourage yourself and family to scrub up often.  CDC recommends at least 20 seconds of friction to break down virus cells.  We will not be entering your cabin to top off soap or for most any other reason during your stay as we will be social distancing.  If there is a maintenance issue, text us and we will attempt to trouble-shoot it via text or phone with you first.  If needed, a masked and gloved maintenance guy will be sent down to fix the issue.
  • Garbage bags and toilet tissue:  each cabin will be supplied with a couple of starter bags and a couple of starter toilet tissue rolls.  Since the lodge will be closed, you will likely need to bring supplies for the rest of your stay.  You are welcome to use your favorite brand (i.e. we are not insistent on 1-ply toilet tissue.)  (You can ask for extras at the take-out window during posted hours.)
  • Some items in cabins may be difficult to clean each week and will be removed (e.g. bedside clocks.)
  • Games, puzzles and playing cards (paper/cardboard products) will be left in cabins as is (again, we will be spraying/fogging/misting disinfectant onto interior surfaces in between guests, but use your own risk assessment.)   You may text us to exchange games or puzzles in the lodge during posted hours - for you to either use at your own risk, isolate per CDC guidelines [4 hours for paper, 24 hours for cardboard], or sanitize with your own or the cabin supply of disinfectant.  It may be prudent to bring your own games.

We may not have listed everything we are doing, but as you can see, we are making every attempt to consider how items may impact you during your stay with us.  We realize a vacation is not realistic for many right now.  We wish you wellness!  For those at less risk or those desirous of a change of scene, we welcome you and promise to do our utmost to provide as safe a place as possible to enjoy.  

*Isolation Cabin Special - Contactless Vacay

Camping Update
***MN is allowing camping with some restrictions.   Crow Wing Crest Lodge is allowing self-contained campers and RVs this season.  We will NOT be taking tenting-only reservations this summer because there is no bathroom access this season (lodge is closed, and Sleeping Cottage guests have exclusive access to communal bathroom.)